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the SGA round robin

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sga_roundrobin is a round robin community for Stargate: Atlantis fandom. We're looking to create a community where the writing can be fast and easy. We like to write. We'd like it if this could be fun, not a chore.

At this time, membership is open. You do not need to ask for permission to join.

The current list of participants is here. If you wish to join this round, please comment to that post. This round is projected to end on or around February 25th.

The Format:

-Ideally, furina_1975 or soleta will post on the 28th or 29th of each month asking for comments from anyone who wishes to participate for that round.

-From that, we will create a master list of participants. One of us will then post on the first of the month with a pairing, a prompt or a photograph, and the list of participants.

-The first person on the list will then write a seperate post - ideally we'd like this to happen within a day, but the hard limit will be two days - and post that, along with a sentence at the end indicating who's next in the posting order, and a title for the story. The first person to post must name the story. Then the second person will do likewise, and the third, and so on. (Yes, we're asking that you post your part within a seperate post. We feel that this will make it easier for people to know when it's their turn, and will also make it more fun.) If your part is not posted within two days, one of the moderators will post the text of the story so far and let the next person on the list know that it's their turn.

-This will continue until the end of the month. At that point, we will urge people to wrap it up. If the story is not done by the time the next month's list of participants is posted, one of the moderators will write an ending.

-All stories will be posted on soleta.net. If you don't wish your name associated with a story you worked on, email us and we'll work something out.

Helpful hints:

-Livejournal has a handy 'spellcheck before posting' option. Use it, or the might of the moderators will come crashing down on you.

-If your fragment is R or NC-17, put it behind an lj-cut indicating such.

-If your fragment contains a spoiler for an episode that has not aired in the US, place it behind an lj-cut indicating such.

-Post within two days, or the story will pass to the next person on the list.

-'Fast and fun' does not mean sloppy.

-Any kind of agenda pushing or ship-bashing will automatically get you banned. This is not the place.

-Everyone loves feedback. We encourage you to comment to other people's posts telling them what you like or what you think doesn't quite work.

-furina_1975 is the nice moderator. soleta is the mean one. Keep this in mind if you're trying to get away with something.